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The best hemp seed oil for skincare & haircare formulations

Hemp NECTA® is a sustainable hemp oil with CBD made from upcycled hemp seeds that would otherwise go to waste. In addition to having a unique sustainability story, this natural (and super trendy!) active ingredient has been proven to outperform standard hemp oil.

Let us give you the lowdown on Hemp NECTA® and why it's so unique...

Hemp NECTA® is 100% upcycled

The hemp seeds we gain access to are harvested by hand which are then pressed into hemp oil for the food industry.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of these seeds are completely rejected as they are deemed out of spec for food use.

Instead of these seeds going to waste, we upcycle them; resulting in a unique and sustainable hemp seed oil packed with skin-enhancing nutrients.

1kg Hemp NECTA® contains approximately 300,000 hemp seeds diverted from waste

Hemp NECTA® is a fully compliant source of broad-spectrum CBD

In most EU countries and the UK, it is prohibited to source cosmetic ingredients, including CBD, from the flowering tops of the hemp plant for cosmetics. The use of the cannabis seed, however, is well accepted globally.

Hemp NECTA® comes from the seeds of a low-THC industrial hemp plant; a variety known to have the highest amount of CBD content in the seeds. By upcycling these specific seeds, you have access to a fully compliant source of natural CBD for beauty and personal care applications.

You can include hemp seed oil AND cannabidiol on your product’s INCI list.

In addition to having a standardised level of CBD, Hemp NECTA® is truly broad spectrum; it contains other skin-enhancing cannabinoids which contribute to the overall beneficial effects of the oil, in addition to flavonoids, terpenoids and other phenolics which work in synergy to nourish and protect the skin.

Hemp NECTA® is sourced from the UK and has a transparent supply chain

We work directly with growers right here in the UK to source our hemp waste - our latest batch was grown less than 100 miles from the base of our R&D!

Thanks to a short and completely transparent supply chain, you can track the journey of Hemp NECTA® - from farm to bottle.

Hemp NECTA® is cold-pressed and unrefined

Commodity hemp oils can be over-refined, improperly stored or even blended with other oils. In doing so, the active components can suffer as a result.

Hemp NECTA® on the other hand is cold-pressed and unrefined. By extracting the oils from the seeds via cold-pressing, we preserve and protect the precious active micronutrients already present within the oil (including those sought-after cannabinoids).

When it comes to unrefined oils, there’s often a worry about shorter shelf lives as they’re much more prone to oxidation than refined oils. This creates waste; something we’re committed to avoiding. Thanks to our short supply chain, we can ensure that Hemp NECTA® is handled in a way that minimises oxidation at every stage; contact with air, light and high temperatures are minimised to ensure Hemp NECTA® reaches you in perfect condition. Our upcycling ethos sets out to prove you don’t have to sacrifice quality to be sustainable.

Plus, all of our packaging components are fully recyclable

Hemp NECTA® doesn’t have a strong odour or colour

Unlike some unrefined, cold-pressed oils, Hemp NECTA® doesn’t have a strong odour or colour.

It has a beautifully subtle earthy scent and a golden green hue – just as nature intended.

Hemp NECTA® is a natural antioxidant, outperforming standard hemp oil

Hemp NECTA® has 52% higher antioxidant potential than standard hemp seed oil, making it an incredibly potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger.

You can purchase as little as 30g

As with all our ingredients, there are no big MOQs so you don't have to worry about ordering more hemp seed oil than you actually need – it’s all part of our ZERO WASTE BEAUTY® pledge. Our smallest pack sizes for Hemp NECTA® are 30g, 200g and 1kg.

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