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Natural & sustainable beauty powered
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Browse our Brand Spotlights to discover the need-to-know indie brands on a mission to create natural, high performance beauty & personal care products without costing the earth. In addition to featuring upcycled ingredients within their formulations, their commitments to sustainability go much further than ingredient sourcing...

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Beauty Kubes

On a mission to tackle the overuse of plastic packaging within the beauty and personal care industry, Beauty Kubes offers a high-performing range of plastic-free alternatives for skin, hair, bath & body. Formulated with natural, organic and upcycled ingredients - and free of sulphates, silicones and palm - these small but mighty Kubes offer a clean way to upgrade the modern day beauty routine.


Wildefruit harnesses the power of upcycled ingredients including naturally fallen fruit to create skincare that leaves no trace. Based in the UK, Wildefruit is dedicated to supporting a circular economy, whilst supporting communities through responsible sourcing. The result? Naturally effective, ethical, zero waste skincare that leaves nothing but footprints…

Coast Sydney Botanicals

Coast Sydney Botanicals creates sustainable skincare that harnesses the power of nature, with social and environmentally conscious intentions. Their newly-launched Simply A+ Serum features 6 superhero ingredients including hyaluronic acid, watermelon extract and upcycled Blueberry NECTA®.



KIND2 is a range of award-winning, plastic-free and vegan hair care. Driven by a mission to eliminate plastic and unnecessary waste, each KIND2 product saves 2 plastic bottles from being created. The Two in One (a conditioning shampoo bar), features nourishing plant oils including upcycled Hemp NECTA® for super hydrated, shiny & healthy hair.

Shhh, Menopause Wellness

Eco wellness brand Shhh, Menopause Wellness are on a mission to tackle menopause-related issues that aren't typically represented in beauty. Formulated with a blend of premium botanicals, magnesium and essential oils to help uplift and rebalance, their collection of mood-boosting bath, body & skincare products are specifically designed to improve wellbeing.


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Our latest report highlights some of the most inspirational examples of creative reuse and wider sustainability efforts in the beauty industry (including some examples from the home cleaning and food industries too!)