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It's no secret that the overconsumption of the earth’s resources (along with the amount of waste produced) is having a harmful impact on our planet.

Here at Full Circle, we’re on a mission to completely redefine the way personal care ingredients are produced; empowering beauty and personal care brands to make more eco-conscious choices when it comes to developing products.

How? We gain access to fresh plant-based by-products and upcycle these valuable leftovers into unique & innovative cosmetic ingredients.

Will you be a part of the ZERO WASTE BEAUTY® movement?

Making use of the precious resources around us

The cosmetics industry began with making use of the resources around us. These were often animal based; such as squalene from shark liver oil, or lanolin from sheep wool.

The search for more natural ingredients led to a widespread adoption of ingredients like aloe vera - which quickly became commoditised - and the industry soon moved onto more exotic materials of plant origin, leading to questions over sustainability.

Bio-technology has since been promoted but this approach has limitations - not least production
capacity and cost.

We believe that the beauty industry can go 'Full Circle’ and thrive solely by upcycling existing raw materials from a vegetable origin.

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upcycled exfoliating powders

From trash to treasure:
What materials do we upcycle?



The European food sector generates around 250 million tons per year of by-products and waste. For fruits and vegetables in particular, the production of likely waste is approximately 30% of the processed material. Instead of sending these leftovers to landfill, we upcycle various by-products such as berry pulp leftover from juice production and discarded olive pits.



It's not just food waste that we divert from landfill - we upcycle other plant-based leftovers too. Our sustainable charcoal powder is made from small charcoal fragments, derived from oak offcuts following the production of cleft oak fencing. We're proud to work with a local charcoal producer who applies a zero waste mentality to everything they do; they find a use for any leftover wood that would otherwise go to waste.

leftover rice used for exfoliating powders


More than 50 million tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables is discarded across Europe every year for aesthetic reasons. We upcycle misshapen white rice that isn't deemed good enough for retail, transforming it into a unique collection of rice exfoliating powders and scrubs.

plastic bottles to be recycled into pens


We use upcycled materials for our own office stationary and promotional materials, such as business cards made from t-shirt offcuts, leaflets from repurposed coffee cups that have been diverted from landfill, and pens made from recycled bottles. We even collect cardboard from personal deliveries so it can be reused or upcycled into sustainable packaging materials!



Our zero waste mentality and commitments to sustainability are applied throughout the supply chain:


  • We’re 100% focused on upcycling existing waste

  • No big MOQs, so you don't have to worry about ordering more than you need. Order 30g & 200g pack sizes from our Full Circle Shop

  • No small pack surcharges, so that you can order to your exact batch size requirements at no extra cost

  • Our products are housed in sustainable packaging materials. We ensure that all our packaging can be broken down and recycled

  • Even our promotional materials are upcycled

Transparency & traceability

Beauty consumers demand transparency - and for good reason.


For brands, we know that those details can sometimes be a little difficult to obtain.


Thanks to our valued and close-knit supply chain partnerships, we love to share every single sourcing story and ingredient journey.


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