CRUSH range of upcycled active powders a

Natural skincare ingredients

We transform natural, plant-based leftovers into innovative, zero waste skincare ingredients

Looking for natural skincare ingredients that don't cost the earth? Ideal for skincare & body care formulations, our portfolio of zero waste ingredients are made entirely from upcycled plant-based leftovers that are far too good to waste. From high performance active oils to natural scrubs and active powders, every single skincare ingredient is made from various by-products of the food & drink industries including juice production.

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Blueberry NECTA®

A potent active oil for blue light defence, made from upcycled blueberries. Contains a standardised level of carotenoids & a natural source of pro-retinol. Ideal for blue light skincare & anti-ageing claims.


The newest addition to the NECTA® range, Hemp NECTA® is an upcycled hemp seed oil with a standardised level of natural CBD. A potent antioxidant, this nourishing oil is perfect for skincare & hair care applications.

Raspberry NECTA®

A nourishing, hydrating, skin-smoothing active oil made from upcycled raspberries; a by-product of juice production. Contains a standardised level of vitamin E and skin essential fatty acids for protection against free radical damage.

Blueberry CRUSH

Exfoliating fruit powders & scrubs made from Blueberry NECTA® by-products. For skincare applications.

White Rice CRUSH

3 grades of exfoliating powders & scrubs, plus an active powder for skincare. Made from upcycled rice.

Raspberry CRUSH

Exfoliating fruit powders & scrubs made from Raspberry NECTA® by-products. For skincare applications.

Charcoal CRUSH

An active charcoal powder & 2 grades of exfoliants for skincare. Made from upcycled fencing offcuts.


An active powder & exfoliant for skincare applications, made from leftover olive pits from olive oil production.


Wholesale skincare ingredients

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