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Featuring White Rice CRUSH

Circular, zero waste skincare made with upcycled and naturally fallen fruit

Sustainability is at the core of Wildefruit. Using upcycled ingredients to create skincare that leaves no trace – such as upcycled rice & hemp from food production – Wildefruit is a brand that is dedicated to supporting a circular economy. Based in the UK, Wildefruit also utilises naturally fallen wild harvested ingredients that promote the conservation (rather than felling) of precious trees and support local communities.

The result? Naturally effective, ethical, zero waste skincare that leaves nothing but footprints…

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BUFF + RUN Face Polish featuring White Rice CRUSH by Full Circle

Wildefruit's BUFF + RUN Face Polish has been specially formulated to be super gentle while deeply cleansing and brightening the skin.


Organic moringa and upcycled rice powder gently exfoliate to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion, whilst upcycled papaya, mango and apricot oil help to nourish and soothe the skin. This eco-luxe formula also contains British kaolin clay and babassu oil which provide further cleansing action.


BUFF + RUN is water-activated; it doesn’t contain any water and is free from preservatives and emulsifiers.

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