Brand Spotlight: Soapisticated®

Featuring Blueberry NECTA® 

Natural, high performance skincare with a minimalist, eco-conscious approach

Soapisticated® is a minimalist, eco-luxe skincare brand created to cater for the most demanding skin types prone to imperfections. Helping people to achieve complete skin confidence, their clean botanical formulas are mostly waterless and always 100% natural, vegan, non-toxic and free from preservatives and fragrance. 


Championing a 'less is more,' purpose-led approach, Soapisticated®'s lineup of skincare multi-taskers comprises everything you need for a complete skin regimen – without costing the earth. The brand uses carefully selected sustainable active ingredients and are committed to using eco-friendly packaging; each product is housed in a carton-free recyclable bottle and shipped in compostable or recyclable mailers.

Lovingly handmade in small batches within the UK, their formulations contain powerful skincare ingredients like kahai oil (known for its potent healing and anti-ageing benefits), alongside fragrant botanical extracts (in favour of skin-drying perfumes) and upcycled ingredients including Blueberry NECTA®.

Facial Elixir featuring Blueberry NECTA® by Full Circle

Enter Soapisticated®'s Facial Elixir - a luxurious, glow-boosting, multi-tasking facial oil serum. This potent five-star-rated formula fights urban pollution and protects skin from damaging blue light, leaving it looking radiant, plump and protected with just a few drops.

Harnessing powerful botanical ingredients including Blueberry NECTA® - the blue-light-busting active made from upcycled blueberries - this luxe elixir was carefully formulated to protect, balance and nourish all; but especially the most demanding and problematic skin types. Unlike other face oils that sit on the surface of the skin and leave a greasy after-feel, it has a wonderfully light consistency and absorbs deep into the skin to work its magic. *Adds to basket...*

As for the packaging, the Facial Elixir bottle is designed to be non-bulky, travel-friendly and recyclable.

Aroma: Cucumber & melon (fragrance free)
Texture: Light and absorbent oil
Skin Look & Feel: Plump, hydrated & radiant

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