Brand Spotlight: Shhh, Menopause Wellness

Featuring Hemp NECTA®

Sustainable botanical wellness products straight from the Garden of England

Meet the eco-conscious, female-founded wellness brand created to encourage perimenopausal & menopausal women alike to take a much-needed moment for themselves and indulge in self-care.


Shhh, Menopause Wellness are on a mission to tackle menopause-related issues that aren’t typically represented in beauty. Their mood-boosting products are specifically designed to improve well-being using a blend of premium botanicals, magnesium and essential oils. The result? Uplifting, rebalancing, environmentally friendly products from natural origin.


Sustainability is a core value for the wellness brand; from the ingredients, through to delivery, Shhh, Menopause Wellness are championing eco-initiatives in every aspect of their processes. Hand-packed in Kent, UK, each product is packaged in low-waste materials such as bamboo and recyclable glass to minimise environmental impact (all of which are refillable with their fully biodegradable refill packs!). In addition to sustainable packaging, the range is proudly vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

Sleep Sound Bath & Shower Oil - Featuring Hemp NECTA® 

This luxurious, ethically made bath & shower oil harnesses the power of natural (and upcycled!) ingredients to promote a sense of calm and prepare the body for deep, restorative sleep. 

The carefully selected blend of high-grade essential oils elevates this skin-loving bath oil into a therapeutic sleep treatment, easing tension and deeply nourishing the skin.

It is formulated with relaxing lavender, uplifting neroli, rebalancing jasmine, chamomile, and ultra-soothing Hemp NECTA® – our redness-reducing active made from upcycled hemp seeds.


This blend of natural oils is complemented with magnesium - said to help ease muscle tension - creating a relaxing experience for both body and mind. 

Hemp NECTA.jpg
Hemp NECTA.jpg

Green Tea Cuticle Oil -
Featuring Hemp NECTA® 

Green Tea Cuticle Oil is a soothing, hydrating, restorative oil developed to support the delicate cuticle area and strengthen weak, soft, and brittle nails (a side effect commonly linked to menopause).


Blended with potent natural antioxidant green tea, healing moringa and soothing Hemp NECTA®, this supercharged botanical blend works to nourish and protect both skin & nails.


The lightweight formula features mineral-rich magnesium said to boost cell structure, lock in moisture and improve barrier function. Just a few drops work to deeply condition the skin, keeping dry cuticles at bay while protecting from damage.


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