kind2 plastic free hair care with upcycl
kind2 plastic free hair care with upcycl

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Featuring Hemp NECTA® 

Award-winning, plastic-free hair care 

KIND2 is a range of award-winning, plastic-free and vegan hair care. Formulated to be pH balanced, KIND2's solid formulas are soap-free, waterless, and made using natural ingredients - including nourishing plant-based oils - resulting in shiny, healthy and naturally luscious locks.


Driven by a mission to eliminate plastic and unnecessary waste, each KIND2 product saves 2 plastic bottles from being created. Each product is packaged in a compostable/recyclable cardboard box, made with World Land Trust carbon-balanced paper. The UK-based brand also holds the "Zero Plastic Inside" certification by Plastic Soup Foundation.


And, for every order, KIND2 will plant a tree to support reforestation projects (you can find out more about that here) Kind to your hair. Kind to the planet.

The Two in One (conditioning shampoo bar) featuring Hemp NECTA® by Full Circle

A solid shampoo and conditioner all in one bar, The Two in One is hydrating, shine-enhancing and detangling. It's also gentle enough for everyday or frequent use.


This multi-functional solid formula is made with nourishing plant-based ingredients including coconut, macadamia, chia seed and hemp seed oils (Hemp NECTA®). Made from upcycled hemp seeds leftover from the food industry, Hemp NECTA® is a responsibly sourced linoleic-rich oil that is proven to outperform conventional hemp seed oil.

The Two in One is particularly ideal for the gym or travel. It can even be used as a beard or body wash too.

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