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Beauty Kubes

Featuring White Rice CRUSH™ & Raspberry NECTA®

Plastic-free & zero waste beauty made
with natural & upcycled ingredients

On a mission to tackle the overuse of plastic packaging within the beauty and personal care industry, Beauty Kubes offers a high-performing range of plastic-free alternatives for skin, hair, bath & body. Formulated with natural and organic ingredients - and free of sulphates, silicones and palm - these small but mighty Kubes offer a clean way to upgrade your beauty routine. In their quest to leave as little negative impact on the environment as possible, Beauty Kubes' skincare collection is made with upcycled ingredients.

The Kubes are packaged in recyclable paper and cardboard packaging, and some products are wrapped in a plant-based compostable film to extend shelf-life (100% plastic-free of course!). All manufacturing takes place at a single site in Cornwall (UK), which is powered by green energy from solar and wind turbines.

Beauty Kubes Face Mask - Featuring Raspberry NECTA® & White Rice CRUSH

This plastic free, vegan friendly & palm free face mask contains a powerhouse of natural, skin-loving ingredients to hydrate & rejuvenate the skin.

Each Kube provides an intense shot of ingredients all famed for their anti-ageing properties: Phytoglycogen & hyaluronic acid improve the skin’s texture and increase hydration levels, whilst turmeric, vitamin C and vitamin B3 brighten the skin and help boost collagen production.

Raspberry NECTA® - made from upcycled raspberries - acts as a wonderful natural emollient that has been proven to increase skin hydration, resulting in moisturised, silky soft skin.

Finally, a combination of French pink clay and Cornish kaolin, along with finely milled upcycled rice starch (White Rice CRUSH  ACTIVE) help to gently cleanse and draw out impurities from the skin.

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Beauty Kubes' Plastic Free Cleanser and Plastic Free Exfoliator are also formulated with upcycled Raspberry NECTA® & White Rice CRUSH

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